Palm Beach Gardens Rated As Top City To Live In 2019

The beautiful Palm Beach Gardens area was recently named ‘Top City to Live in Florida’ in 2019, and we couldn’t agree more. Palm Beach Gardens beat out over 2,500 other cities in Florida, and this news will only heat up the desire to want to move to this gorgeous area. The city just turned 60 years young last month and what a way to celebrate, so let’s take a look at what makes this city so great.

Palm Beach Gardens is the kind of place you an raise a family while enjoying the surroundings that so many flock to Florida to enjoy. Great weather, great food, great people and incredible beaches. However here in Palm Beach Gardens the residents have it really really good with 12 immaculate golf courses, tons of safe gated communities for families and there are five colleges within a 10 minute drive.

Image Credit: PGA Resort

Palm Beach Gardens currently has 55,000 people living in the city and that’s not rapidly expanding…which is a good thing. There are so many incredible restaurants here, lots of other outdoor activity space and has the exact opposite of that “big city” vibe. This city is also ranked number one for employment, housing, quality of life, education and health as part of the methodology used by the Chamber of Commerce.