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Nandayure, Provence of Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Square Meters

Landscaped Since


4 km

Paved Roads


Highest Elevation

40 lpm

Water Well


Titled land : 45’297 square meters of potential

Adjacent, a 150m, untitled maritime-terrestrial zone with an estimated area of 6 hectares.

This a truly unheard of opportunity in Guanacaste, to be offered a sizable track of land in a still pristine environment with that level of high quality infrastructure, eighteen years of intense and detailed landscaping making it ideal for Celebrity retreat, boutique spa resort and small community development.

The property has a variety of breathtaking views overlooking the entire Beach of Bejuco, and the Coastline eastwards all the way down to Cabo Blanco. A few sites offer 360° views encompassing the Ocean, the beach, the coastline, valleys and the surrounding mountain range.

The entire property has been landscaped since 1993 only with plants fully adapted to the climatic conditions of this area, according to a master plan, in order to enhance the natural beauty and enchantment of this site and always mindful to preserve its pristine wilderness.


4 km of minimum 4.50 m wide paved roads with superficial asphalt treatment TS-2 plus sealing fully constructed under the constant, daily, on site supervision of our own civil engineer overseeing full and thorough compliance of roads specifications and according to the building code.
All borders of the road are protected with water draining pipes, water discharging collectors and retaining walls all in concrete tested to 250 kg strength. As a result of these very major civil works, which include a small 15 meter long bridge, the road has remained in good overall condition all year round and no land slides have occurred, in spite of the area having experienced in the previous decade some of the most severe winters and rains on record in the last 50 years.
Finally, the road has been judiciously well integrated within the landscape and enables to access virtually every point of the property.
ICE electrical grid is available at about 400 meters or 1’240 feet away from the property boundaries and can be accessed through public land.
There is a water well which has been producing in the most critical part of the summer about 40 litres or 10.5 gallons of water per minute which more than adequately covers the needs for watering the plants. The well is operated by a 1.5 hp Grundfos submersible pump connected to an underground holding tank of 100’000 litres or 26’400 gallons situated at an elevation of about 65 meters or 200 feet, with its own pumping station equally powered with a submersible 1.5 hp Grundfos pump connected to another upper underground water holding tank of 50’000 litres or 13’200 gallons situated at the highest elevation point of 120 meters or 372 feet.
4 km or 2.5 miles line of polyethylene pipes of 2.5″ of diameter have been installed along the roadside with fire hydrants and water taps for quick and easy water tapping.
Currently electricity is being generated by a 15 kW diesel powered FUDJI plant purchased in 2000 and housed in its own dedicated concrete shed.
All boundaries are wire fenced.

About a dozen obvious scenic sites have been enhanced since these offer some very attractive features for future construction development and the infrastructure has been carefully planned and designed with these special spots in mind. These points of interest are well scattered within the property and would retain their privacy and seclusion if housing was to be built upon them. The maritime-terrestrial zone would lend itself perfectly for all the requirements of a resort or spa.


The Lay of the Land

The maritime-terrestrial zone sits for the most part on a top of cliff overhanging the ocean at an estimated elevation ranging between 25 and 30 m. Because of this particular natural configuration, the maritime-terrestrial zone can only be accessed in practice through private land which, in this case, inherently restricts public access to it.
The highest elevation is 120 m.
The average gradient from the cliff area to the highest point of the property is about 9.5 %.

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