Puerto Rico Real Estate Development Ponce Ignites Excitement

Palm Beach, FL – Hurricane Maria didn’t whisper a hint to restructure… she catapulted Puerto Rico into a mission of unyielding and urgent rebuilding.

“But there’s an intense beauty within this anomaly,” according to Douglas Elliman’s Oceanfront International Group. “We are hearing their impassioned voices, embracing the opportunity of economic prosperity. They’re calling and writing with one overwhelming sentiment: ‘Time to move the economy forward … let’s do this!’”

For locals, this isn’t a light topic or a daunting punch list. It’s a present-day Renaissance with billions of dollars of CDBG-Dr still waiting on the sidelines. To date, only 1.5 Billion out of the 20 Billion allocated has been released. Two companies are looking to set a new standard in sustainability and resilience for Puerto Rico’s progress.

Michael Winstanley AIA AICP of Winstanley Architects & Planners and Land Design have set forth a full-fledged eco-friendly development in Ponce to incorporate a world-class sustainability, wellness, tourism, with a noteworthy agricultural and solar field component.

The proposed megaproject on Puerto Rico’s southern coast could span 900 acres, strategically leaving a respectful 60% of nature intact. According to Michael Winstanley, “this sustainable design will both maximize Ponce’s existing 21st-century infrastructure airport and port while creating an enduring and resilient community for generations to come.”

We are looking forward with pairing this opportunity with principles of enduring artistry through nostalgic architecture, structural endurance, and environmental harmony” Oceanfront confirmed. “Puerto Rico is on the brink of a magnificent rebirth and Ponce has the potential to lead the way.”

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