Two Of The Hottest Tropical Development Plots For Sale

Coming into 2019 we are more than pleased to be offering two incredibles plots of land for development in two of our favorite places in the world. Both are located in tropical paradises and are ready for development, basically giving you free rein to develop the world’s next best luxury retreat. So that means if you’re looking to develop a luxury hotel or resort in heaven on earth, take a gander at our two latest land developments to hit the global market before it’s too late.

Peninsula De Nicoya, Costa Rica

First on the list is literally your chance to build heaven on earth in a prime location that has some of the most incredible beach north of the equator. This entirety of this unique property has been meticulously landscaped since 1993 only with plants fully adapted to the climatic conditions of this area, according to a master plan, in order to enhance the natural beauty and enchantment of this site and always mindful to preserve its pristine wilderness.

Nearly a dozen beautifully scenic sites have been set aside as they offer very attractive features for future development here. The infrastructure has been carefully planned and designed with these picturesque spots in mind. These points of interest are well scattered within the property and would retain their privacy and seclusion if housing was to be built upon them.


Indigo Bay, St. Maarten

Last but not least is this exceptional plot of land perfect for the next great luxury hotel on the Island. This development is also right on the beach and offers unobstructed views of that Caribbean ocean from every angle. Tourism grew 9.8 percent between the first and second quarters of 2018 on St. Maarten, and we think this is a great time to develop another luxury getaway here on St. Maarten.

Indigo Bay offers quite a lot for its value and not being on the main tourists strips, you have a chance to build something refined and for those that want something more tranquil. This area has also been prepped and primed with the environment in mind Since day one, Indigo Bay’s carbon footprint has been reduced by creating an on location tree and plant nursery. Just one of the ways the vision for this area has in mind so that the land and local environment continue to stay as beautiful as you see below.


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